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Information about us & Joining us

Postby Don » Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:52 pm

Edit: This post is kinda outdated now, currently we play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2 but also some pugs in siege again :0 - I'm too lazy to edit anything else right now.
Btw this is our Steam Community group:

About us:

Apocalyptic Dudes, short form ad, clantag //ad.

We are a gaming clan founded in August 2006 based on the game Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, in the gamemode "Siege"
Our founding members were all part of another Siege clan at that time, having joined it individually over time, but as we figured out, the clan leader and co-leader of that old clan had a pretty childish and often unacceptable behavior.
This is why in August 2006, we (being most of the Siege players of the old clan) left the clan to create an own one which would no longer be suffering from bad leader decisions.
To ensure this, we decided that all major decisions should be decided on a democratic basis, so every full member of the clan has a voting right on if someone is allowed to join the clan, or be made fullmember for example.

During the active days of Siege Apocalyptic Dudes had been one of the best, if not the best, European Siege clan.
As time passed, more and more people stopped playing Siege as it happens to most online games, and as of 2009 you could consider siege pretty much dead, since even our server, the most active server over the last years, was often empty during the day.
This was also when I, personally, completely stopped playing siege as it didn't make much sense anymore and continued to play only the modification MovieBattles II. Although it is pretty good too and still had a decent activity at that time, it couldn't really develop into an active game for our clan, we only played it a few months.

Today, we play Left 4 Dead 2, operate a server for it and a TeamSpeak 3 server to communicate during gaming.

Information on joining us:

We are looking for active players for Left 4 Dead 2.

What we can offer you:

  • A friendly clan to play with, be it on public, team versus or other team matches, to improve together, have fun, and beat our opponents ;)
  • This forum to communicate with others outside of the game, to have fun, share knowledge about L4D1/2, discuss, etc...
  • A gameserver dedicated to usage by our members, running L4D2 with the (optional) confogl competitive mod
  • A TeamSpeak 3 server to use whenever you need to talk

What you should have/bring:

  • Being active on Left 4 Dead 2
  • Interest in playing together as a clan, willing to play together, improve together, etc...
  • A friendly, mature behavior
  • Decent knowledge of the English language, so you can express yourself on the forums, communicate with us on TeamSpeak etc... (don't be afraid if you think your knowledge of the English language is too bad - give it a try!)
  • A microphone - L4D2 without a microphone doesn't make much sense

If you are interested, go ahead and post your application here.
In your application please introduce yourself a bit and include at least the following details about you: age, gaming experience, a link to your steam profile or your steam account name, so we can add you.

If you were invited by one of our members to join the clan then please also write an application as probably not everyone here will know you.

When you are recruited as a member of the clan you will be considered a trial member for a certain time (approximately 2 months), after which you will become a full member if you have proven yourself worthy as a member of this clan, and thus also gain more rights.

Good luck. :)
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